Diamond Arctic Cat C-tec 800, Yamaha Mountain max titanium Quiet


Detta är marknadens exklusivaste slutburk.

Det finns en anledning till att Chris Burandt använder dom på alla sina maskiner.

All Diamond S exhausts now have a new domed end cap design to improve the strength and sound of the exhaust. Domed ends prevent excessive back pressure from building up, significantly increasing the strength and resulting in a more consistent airflow creating a deeper throaty tone.

  • Weighs a mere 3.6 pounds and provides a power increase of 4.2 HP. Making it the most cost-effective weight saving modification for your sled.
  • Noise-canceling baffled design, eliminates the need for packing, making it one of the quietest if not the quietest aftermarket silencer
  • Passes the SAE J-2567 stationary sound test (may not exceed 88 decibels)
  • Does not require modifications, simply bolt and go.
  • Highly resistant to rust and corrosion providing a longer product life
  • High strength to weight ratio, making it extremely strong while providing a very substantial weight savings
  • Each exhaust is etched with our logo. It will never burn off and stay visible even when silencer changes colors.
  • Fits Arctic Cat C-tec 800 and the Yamaha Mountain Max 2021-2022
9 998,00 kr 10 695,00 kr