Matta Talon M67 155" 2.86" delning Polaris Centerhål

Composit Tracks M67 lössnömatta 

Längd: 154/155"

Bredd: 380 mm

Delning: 2,86"

Kammhöjd: 66,6 mm 

Centrumhål: Ja

Passar bland annat Polaris RMK 155" som orginal har serie 6 eller 7 matta.

Talon M67: 154x15x2.62" track with 2.86" pitch is for the serious mountain rider who takes on the deepest snow and conquers the highest peaks. "POP-UP" lug technology is achieved with advanced rubber compound in the flexible center grouser lugs. This design grabs the snow and "POPS" you up on top of the snow instead of trenching. Great handling and sidehilling allows you to tackle new heights and boondock through the tree lines.
Fully clipped with all open windows eliminates friction and extends hyfax life. Two ply German cord/fabric construction gives excellent wear and this track features center port design to fit the Polaris RMK. A 2 year limited warranty against defects is the best on the market. The unique blend of synthetic and natural compounds give the track exceptional wear on frozen surfaces, eliminates thermal heat breakdown for reliable high speed running, and allows extreme cold temp flexibility for low rolling resistance with quick acceleration. Improved handling and traction with superior top end makes the Talon 66.6 a perfect track for everyday groomed trail riding, off trail riding, serious boondocking, or racing.

12 450,00 kr