Matta Talon M66 155" 2.86" delning Polaris Centerhål


Delning 2,86"

Kammhöjd: 67mm 

Passar alla Polaris Pro RMK / SKS 155" / Khaos med 2.86 delning.
Passar alla summit 154" med 2.86 delning.

Featuring "Pop-Up" flexible center lugs that pops you up on top of the snow and prevents trenching.

Delivers great handling and traction in heavy, wet snow or when climbing/side-hilling.

2 ply construction and 2.62" lug height give durability and bite in boondock conditions.

The M66 allows beginners to tackle new terrain and opens up endless choices for the experienced mountain rider.

12 450,00 kr