NextTech carbon Rail Skidoo


The Nextech carbon rails Have proven themselves as a bullet proof solution to heavy and easy to bend snow holding ones made of aluminum.

Even though they have been one of our leading products for a long time this year we changed fiber layup and switched to a higher grade Carbon fiber.
These changes will allow even more attractive and aggressive patterns to be cut saving more weight.
(Raised our own bar)
All rails are made to order and precision cut with special tooling on our cnc machines.
- Innovative process and the best material yield a solid carbon fiber rail.
- Many times stronger than aluminum at half the weight.
- Glossy finish and less holes has proven to shed many pounds of ice and snow.
- Sexy looks that never fade or corrode
- Direct fit with custom rear wheel offset available for larger wheels.
- Rails come complete with hyfax, tips and bottom rubbers. (Polaris style slider)

OBS kräver en ny axel från Nexttech till vändhjulen.

  • All manufactured with aerospace grade IM7 Fibers utalizing the latest moulding technology.
  • IM7 Fiber rated to 790Ksi, Compared to aluminum components it is multiple times stronger at 1/2 the weight.
  • with no fatigue or corrosion.
  • Carbon parts are coated with automotive grade, 3 part UV resistant coating to provide long lasting beauty.

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