ZRP Matryx Billet Brake Reservoir Guard

ZRP Matryx Billet Brake Reservoir Guard

Fits All 2022+ Polaris Matryx RMK and Khaos

  • Precision Machined 6061 Aluminum
  • 100% easy bolt on installation
  • Over TWICE as strong as stock component
  • Included Stainless steel hardware
  • Classic ZRP looks and finish
  • Made in the USA
  • ZRP Lifetime Warranty

Don't Let a tree branch or accidental roll-over ruin an epic day of riding. When the stock PLASTIC brake reservoir breaks, it can leave you stranded with no brakes and in a very dangerous and disappointing situation. The ZRP original "Tree Hustler" has long been a staple on the ski-doo sleds, and with Polaris switching to a plastic reservoir for the Matryx chassis, we saw the writing on the wall of broken resi's and days ended early.

We developed this part specific to the matryx chassis, with it being the only protector on the market that bolts directly to the handlebars, transfering the energy to the handlebars, rather than into the cast aluminum master cylinder. This part will be ready to take some serious abuse without damaging your fragile master cylinder. It includes the top cover, bottom bracket and the required hardware ready to be bolted on in under a minute!

*The reverse button must be slid over or moved to the other side of the brake mount when installing, super easy adjustment

1 449,00 kr